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The Story Begins…

In year 2000, the founder of AcuteConcept (formerly AeronHQ.com) first encountered the Herman Miller Aeron Chair while working in a tech startup near UC Berkeley. As a software engineer, he spent countless hours sitting while working on projects. For the first time he was amazed at how the Aeron’s ergonomic design enabled him to stay productive after extended hours of work, without worrying about problems like bad posture and heat ventilation generating pressure and exhausting the body.

Fast forward to the year 2007. Our founder acquired his very own Aeron Chair after establishing an online ecommerce business. The Aeron was still serving him very well just like the old days. However, he began to see shortcomings of the Aeron when he started to develop a painful neck and headache. By that time, rivals to the Aeron Chair have emerged and most of them carry a headrest. The missing headrest was perhaps the single most important deficiency of the Aeron.

In 2010, AeronHQ.com (now AcuteConcept) was established to market a basic model of Aeron Chair headrest. Despite its simple design, the basic model was well received by customers worldwide. We have since established partnerships in Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

In January 2013, we decided to suspend sales of the basic model. We switched to stealth mode to concentrate working from the ground up on the brand new headrest project. The project is determined to build the ultimate Aeron Chair Headrest that would rock the Aeron Chair community.

After more than 12 months of development, we are pleased to introduce our exciting product, the All New:

The AeroSense Headrest

by AcuteConcept
(formerly AeronHQ.com)

World’s First Custom Engineered Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair

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