Knockoff Parts Alert

The Inconvenient Truth that other vendor(s) do not want you to know…

Any previous attempts of Aeron Chair headrest offerings are in fact headrest parts “borrowed” from knockoff mesh chairs. None of these re-purposed parts would fit the Aeron properly. The picture below shows the knockoff mesh chair that such headrest originally belongs to.


Due to the fact that all other knockoff headrest partsĀ (including but not limited to the one shown above) were designed for different chairs rather than the Aeron Chair, the mounting from these knockoff parts could not fit and thus scratches the Aeron Chair.

In contrast, AeronHQ’s AeronSense Headrest was designed from the ground up for Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair, naturally the mounting would fits the Aeron perfectly and does not scratch the Aeron Chair.

Apart from the mounting and scratch problems, adjustments lock is where the AeronSense Headrest stands out.

Regardless of how the other vendor(s) falsely advertises their knockoff parts to be “lockable”, none of them are up to the claims. For instance, all of the height adjustment on the knockoff parts are NOT lockable as the locking mechanisms are simply missing. Moreover, the tilt and forward / backward locks are virtually non-existent because the alleged locks are merely joints that can NOT be, and not designed to be tightened. These are the reasons why these knockoff parts are prone to positioning and sliding loose problems even under the slightest pressure from normal daily use.

On the other hand, thanks to the combination of a few ingeniously designed locking mechanisms, the AeronSense Headrest is truly 3-way secure-tight lockable in all orientation. Ongoing and daily adjustment of tilt and height can be done Tool-Less effortlessly, while the hex key required for occasional forward / backward adjustment is conveniently concealed in a specially designed magnetized compartment within the headrest body for easy and instant access to the tool when required.

The above are the two most critical differences which distinguish AeronHQ’s product from knockoff headrest parts. Other exclusive features like the Coat Hanger value-added option and other highlights are detailed in the product webpage. We suggest all Aeron Chair owners to take a detailed look at AeronHQ’s website if they haven’t already done so.

We hope the above information would provide an insight for fellow Aeron Chair owners about how AeronHQ’s AeronSense Headrest was designed from the ground up to resolves all the requirements that all Aeron Chair owners have been asking for. And how do we live up to our bold claim of:

AeronHQ’s AeronSense Headrest is the World’s First and Only Custom Engineered Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair.